Your Guide to Buying a Plasma Matter That Will Suit Your Need

Image Soure: www.annoualle.org

Image Soure: www.annoualle.org

A plasma cutter is a cutting equipment that is used for cutting metals such as iron, mild or stainless steel, bronze or copper, and other electrically conductive materials.

If you intend to buy a new plasma cutter, you have to plan carefully before doing something that you might regret later.  Buying an equipment to back you up in your work entails more cost and if you happen to make the wrong decision, it would mean a great loss for you and your company.


The first thing that you must consider in buying the equipment is its functional features. What are its special features, power source, amperage capacity, voltage, warranty? Does it need a battery? Are its features compatible with your need?  To suit your needs, make sure that in buying, you consider the following:

  • Thickness of the materials you are using

Consider the maximum amount your system can carry. The higher the amperage capacity, the greater the ability it can cut through thick materials.

  • The kind of materials

A plasma cutter can cut through electrically conductive metals such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, iron, brass, and copper. It will benefit you more if you choose a system that is capable of cutting through all types of electrically conducted materials.

The type of available power supply 

Image Soure: www.newegg.com

Image Soure: www.newegg.com

Study the power requirement of the equipment to see that your power supply suits the required capacity. Usually, a standard generator, residential or a shop power supply can run a plasma cutter under 20 amperes. If you are working on an industrial capacity, you need to purchase a heavier one.  Using a heavier industrial cord will not also fit a 20-ampere capacity unit.


The quality of the equipment is not dependent on the price. It also does not necessarily mean that those who would cost you more is better in performance than the one with a lower price.  Price is not always a guarantee for this matter. So to be sure that the price is equal to the value of the equipment, don’t hesitate to do some research before buying.  Start by asking recommendations from friends and contacts.  It’s always better to start researching online, but be sure you visit sites that are trusted and dependable.  When you buy a product online like in Amazon, you will be provided with reviews.  These reviews will guide you on customers’ evaluation.


Since you will be using your plasma cutter in your daily operation and you expect to stay long in your business, then you must choose the kind that can endure long hours of work and can last long.

Warranty and After-Sale Services

Warranty – This is an important feature that you should not neglect. How long is the warranty period? Does it cover replacement for the equipment, parts, and labor? For how long will the guarantee cover?

After-sales services are also essential in your choice of the product. In case of a breakdown, are there available service centers that will cater to your need?  Are spare parts and services available without delay?

If you plan to purchase a plasma cutter, here is a typical example of a plasma cutter for your home or shop.

The Forney 317-115FI Plasma Cutter

Image Soure: Amazon.com

The Forney 317-115FI Plasma Cutter is easy to work on with its built-in compressor and a drag torch technology that you can work over the surface of the material for precise cutting. It is perfect for working on angles and quick jobs. With its 120-volt input power, you can work in your residence or shop as it can work even with a standard generator. This is manufactured in Italy and is available for shipping worldwide.

Other Features:

  • Includes thermal overload for surge protection.
  • With post-flow air for cooling.
  • Leaves less dross and less heat-affected area.
  • Cut perfectly through mild steel, stainless less, aluminum, copper or brass, cast iron, and all electrically conductive materials.
  • Perfect for the following cutting types: metal cutting (especially freehand cutting), template and circle guide cutting, beveling, gouging, piercing, drop cutting and making marks on your cuts.
  • Improved safety without the need for compressed and flammable gasses.


Weight                                               :  38.0 pounds

Dimension                                        :  15×7.5×4 inches

Material and Finish                        :  Metal

Thickness                                          :  0.012 inches

Power Source                                   :  Corded, Electric

Voltage                                              :  120 Volts

Amperage Capacity                        :  15 amperes

Accessory Connection Type           :  115 volts outlet

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